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Additional Services

 Royal Institution of Chartered SurveyorsIn addition to the Pre and Post Contract Services, the following services are available:-


  • Remeasurements for contractors using electronic take-off of quantities form paper drawings or computerised measurement from CAD files.
  • Preparation of subcontract work packages.
  • Preparation of material purchase orders.
  • Preparation of Construction Programs using Computerised CPM Techniques.


  • Preparation and Evaluation of Real Estate Development Budgets.
  • Preparation of Schedules of Materials for Direct Owner Purchase.

Financial Institutions

  • Construction Cost Appraisal Reports in respect of Bridging Finance Applications.
  • Monitoring of Development/Construction Projects.
  • Independent Project Audits.

Insurance Consultancy

  • Replacement Cost Valuations of Premises for Insurance or Accounting Purposes.
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Insurance Damage Claims.


  • Construction Contract Administration.
  • Project Co-ordination, Supervision and Management.
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